Quality sleep is the best thing that anyone can do to reset the brain and body every day. One of the key elements that help you get quality sleep at night is your bed. Many people often find it hard to decide about the options and prices of beds. Individuals often ask, “Where can I go buy a bed at the lowest cost?" or “What are some hacks to find the best deal without compromising quality?".

This content aims to educate you about places to buy beds online without compromising quality at lower cost. Also, share a few options to look at and tips to get the best deals on beds.

Where Can You Buy Affordable Beds?

When it comes to investing in a good night's sleep, finding the perfect bed at the lowest cost is the key. Sleep Paradise is the best place to find beds at the lowest rate. As the direct source, Sleep Paradise often runs exclusive promotions, discounts, and seasonal sales on their platform. 

While average beds in Canada and the USA cost roughly $500-$750 based on size and quality, Sleep Paradise offers beds as low as $149 for a twin bed. Here are some of the best deals on beds you can get on Sleep Paradise without compromising the quality in specific price range –

Affordable Beds Under $250:

Here are two of the best options for beds under the $250 price range:

1. SP-5410 Grey Fabric Platform Bed:

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this bed seamlessly combines style and functionality. The gracefully curved headboard acts as a captivating focal point, establishing a tranquil ambiance, while the platform design eliminates the necessity for a box spring. The bed comes with a 1 years of warranty and comes to your doorstep directly from the factory. The bed is available in single and queen sizes, and the price ranges from $249 to $299. 

2. SP-178 White PU Platform Bed w/ Jewels:

Expertly fashioned from premium PU material, this platform bed exudes durability, easy maintenance, and enduring comfort. The platform base provides outstanding support and stability, rendering the need for a box spring obsolete. Adorned with white PU upholstery embellished with square jewel designs, it introduces an element of sophistication to your space, establishing a serene and inviting atmosphere. The bed comes with a 1 year of warranty and is available in single, double, and queen sizes. 

Affordable Beds Under $500:

Here are two of the best options for beds under the $500 price range:

1. SPT-2190 Velvet Tufted Platform Bed:

Tailored for utmost convenience, this bed frame is ingeniously crafted to do away with the requirement for a box spring, simplifying your arrangement and imparting a sleek, modern aesthetic. Boasting weight capacities of 400 lbs for full size, 500 lbs for queen size, and 600 lbs for king size, this bed frame guarantees stability and durability that will endure the test of time. The meticulous panel tufting stands out as a captivating design feature, injecting a hint of luxury and sophistication into your tranquil sleeping haven. It is easy to assemble and comes in three options which are full, double, queen, or king size. 

2. SP-5290 Grey Fabric Platform Bed w/ Storage Drawers:

If you're looking for a king size bed online, this is your option under $500. Enveloping your sleeping space in comfort and elegance, this bed showcases a plush, luxurious upholstered fabric. The headboard, adorned with a button tufting diamond pattern and tapered wings, introduces a dash of sophistication. Meanwhile, the two front drawers provide generous storage for bedding, clothes, or personal items. Built with a solid wood frame and reinforced platform frame, the bed guarantees durability and stability. The headboard's slight upward curve not only adds a stylish touch but also serves as a comfortable and supportive backrest for indulging in bedtime reading or watching TV. It comes with a 1 year of warranty and comes in three options which are full, double, queen, or king size.

Tips to Find the Best Deal on Bed

Here are 5 tips that will help you crack and find the best deals on beds in your next purchase -

  1. Check brand official website for exclusive offers.
  2. Use comparison tools for price analysis.
  3. Capitalize on seasonal sales and promotions
  4. Consider the official manufacturer for quality and discounts.
  5. Explore major e-commerce platforms.


Finding the lowest cost beds to buy can be challenging yet worth it. Sleep Paradise, as the direct source, stands out for its exclusive promotions, discounts, and seasonal sales, ensuring that you not only get a good night's sleep but also an excellent deal on your bed. 

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