Looking for cost-effective places to buy mattresses in Canada? This guide for you. 

A person spends an average of one third of life on bed while sleeping and a quality mattress plays a crucial role in that. Infant sleeping on an inappropriate mattress can increase the chance of poor sleep by 78%. To get a better one, either you can visit a physical store locally or buy a mattress online from an ecommerce platform. 

Regarding the cost, an average mattress in Canada costs from $500 to $700 and goes over $2000 depending on the type and size. However, there is a myth that expensive mattresses are always better than others. But the truth is that mattress price should not be the concern as it depends on the person’s sleeping style and other factors. 

What are Options to Buy Cheap Mattress in Canada?

People in Canada were buying mattress from a physical market previously, however data shows half of the mattresses are now being sold from online marketplaces and ecommerce platforms. 

Physical Store: 

Shopping mattress at brick and mortar stores is the traditional approach by Canedians. In 2023, still 45% of total mattress sales are done from a physical store. These stores give facilities to test before buying products and help get in-person assistance. Additionally, most of the online options take time to deliver the mattress at the doorstep, but if you require an urgent mattress for home, you can quickly visit nearby and buy a memory foam mattress or whatever your choice is.   

Online Shopping: 

To buy a mattress online, ecommerce and marketplaces are the best options. In a survey, 55% of people responded in favor of buying online mattresses. Especially after Covid19, the online sales of mattresses increased by 20.5% in 2021. Online shopping offers convenience to buy a mattress online sitting at your home. Furthermore it helps with easy price comparison, real user feedbacks, reviews, and doorstep delivery features. 

How to Find a Budget-Friendly Mattress to Buy in Canada?

In Canada, more than 75+ brands sell mattresses and it's a hustle to buy a mattress on budget without compromising the quality. People use multiple approaches such as coupons, seasonal sales and price comparison to save more on each purchase they make. In Fact 85% of people are happy to share their personal details in exchange of coupons. 

Here are few strategies to save on each online mattress purchase you do in Canada –

1. Compare Pricing:

Price competition on different mattresses results in the best product for most people and is recommended to everyone. In online purchase, it becomes even more convenient to compare prices using various tools and extensions. Rakuten, Pricescout and Slickdeals are some popular options for price comparison. There are different price tracker websites that keep tracking product prices on various marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart and ebay to crack the best offer for you such as  ShopBot, Keepa, and Karma etc. 

2. Coupons & Offers:

Coupons are a great option when it comes to buy a mattress online. In fact, 78% of people don't purchase a product if they don’t have any coupons. Tools and websites such as Flipp, Caddle, and SwagBucks help to find coupons for different products. Additionally, companies offer heavy discounts on products on festival seasons like Black Friday and when they sometimes sell to free occupied warehouses and stores. There you can find deals up to 90% on mattresses, beds, furniture, anything you need.  

3. Marketplace:

After easy access to internet and smartphone devices, marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart have become prime destinations to buy all kinds of products including mattresses in Canada. In 2021, Amazon made a total business of more than $10 billion in Canada accounting for 41.5% of retail ecommerce sales alone. You can look for the same product on multiple marketplaces and buy a mattress based on the best deal you found. 

4. Refurbished Options:

Refurbished products are new products that are returned to sellers for some reason. It can be by mistake purchase, small defect which is later fixed, or customer doesn’t like the product. Since the product package opened before returning to the seller, vendors sell these products on heavy discount to recover their base pay or free the store rooms. In fact, the global refurbished electronics market was nearly $50 billion in 2023 and expected to grow at an annual growth of 10% by 2030. 

Sleep Paradise: Best Place to Buy Cheap Mattress in Canada

As a leading retailer in Canada, Sleep Paradise is a one stop solution for shopping for home products such as bedsheets, sofas, beds, furniture, mattresses. The cost of a memory foam mattress starts from $800 on online purchase. Sleep Paradise offers all types of mattress including orthopedic mattress, best mattress for back pain, and spring mattress. 

Physically, there are three retail stores in Canada – Hamilton, Cambridge, and London (Opening soon) where you can not just find mattresses but also buy beds online, home furniture online, sofa set for living room directly to your door.